Service Fees

Seasonal Service
Customers requiring seasonal service shall contract for such services to assure adequate compensation for the facilities made available. The minimum period for such service under this rate schedule shall be twelve (12) months. Payment of the minimum annual charge shall be no later than reconnect date.

Service Fees

Membership Fee: $25
Application/Connect/Disconnect/Changeover Fees: $25
Service Call Fee: $200* flat fee
Service Investigation Fee: $200
Meter Tampering Fee: $500 minimum plus time & material
Returned Check: $25
Meter Test Fee: $25 for residential, at cost for others
Removing, Relocating Coop Facilities: @cost
House Moving, Other Over Height Loads, etc: @cost  w/48 business hours' notice
Residential Energy Audit: $250.00

* Fee will only apply if  issue is on members side.

Staking Appointment Fee
The cooperative shall charge $200 in advance for each Staking Appointment.
This fee will be refunded if: (1) the Staking Appointment is cancelled at least two business days (48 hours) in advance of its scheduled start time; or (2) the quoted Contribution in Aid of Construction is paid within 90 days of the date it was communicated to the Customer. The appointment may be rescheduled by mutual agreement in the event of inclement weather or other extenuating circumstances.
This fee is forfeited and retained by the Cooperative if: (1) the scheduled Staking Appointment is not cancelled 48 hours in advance and/or the Customer does not show up for the scheduled Staking Appointment; or (2) 90 calendar days have transpired from the scheduled Staking Appointment; or (3) the quoted Contribution in Aid of Construction remains unpaid 90 calendar days after it was communicated to the Customer, whichever is greater.
Governmental entities and their agents are exempt from this fee.

Delinquent Account Fee
The Cooperative may assess a one-time charge not to exceed five percent (5%) on each delinquent bill.
For balances not paid when due, should the Cooperative retain an attorney or collection agency for the collection, the customer agrees to pay all costs of collection including reasonable interest, reasonable attorney's fees (even if suit is filed) and reasonable collection agency fees.

Deposit Policy
A consumer deposit may be required of all new applicants for service in an amount not to exceed one-sixth (1/6) of the estimated annual billing. An additional deposit may be required of an existing member, if the member has more than one occasion during months of service in which a bill for utility service was paid after becoming delinquent or if the member’s service was disconnected for non-payment. Additional deposit requirements may also be met by allocating retired patronage capital toward deposit balances. This amount shall not exceed one-sixth (1/6) of the estimated annual billing.
The amount of the deposit will be calculated using the historical usage of the location being connected. In those cases where no history is available, the amount of deposit will be calculated using load information on the new location or information from like services on the Cooperative system. All deposits will accrue interest at a rate as set by the Cooperative each year.
When the member has paid the bill for service for at least twelve (12) consecutive residential billings or for twenty-four (24) consecutive commercial or industrial billings without having service disconnected for nonpayment of bill and without having more than two (2) occasions in which a bill was delinquent, and when the member is not delinquent in the payment of the current bill, the Cooperative will automatically refund the deposit plus accrued interest to the member in the form of cash or credit to the member’s bill.