Pole Inspections to Begin August 26th

Dear Members,

Bartlett Electric Cooperative has contracted Havlak Inspection to begin inspecting approximately 2,700 poles on our electric system beginning on August 26, 2019. Inspections will take place in areas South & West of Salado, North & West of Thorndale, and in surrounding areas of Jarrell, and will take several months to complete.

Jim Havlak will be performing these inspections driving a 2016 Silver Dodge Ram 2500. Havlak’s truck will have magnetic door signs as shown in the picture below that will display the company’s logo. Havlak will also utilize an ATV to help him navigate through various areas when possible. This ATV will also have signs to display company’s logos.

The goal of these inspections is to inspect poles, lines, and right of ways for deficiencies to help ensure safe and dependable service. Crews from Bartlett Electric Cooperative and S&H Powerline Construction will address issues discovered from these inspections.

An introductory letter will be carried from Bartlett Electric Cooperative that will detail the purpose of the inspections taking place and will be available to members upon request. BEC will provide members with updates on our website and Facebook page of inspection areas as they become available.

For verification of inspections in your area or for questions about this project, please call the Bartlett office at 254-527-3551. We appreciate our member’s cooperation with our employees and contractors.

- Bartlett Electric Cooperative

Pole Inspections to Begin August 26th